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Vera Fromager of Whiddon Aged Care – Maclean, celebrates her 101st birthday on Wednesday December 11. Image: contributed

Vera’s birthday greetings from Lawsie

Lynne Mowbray|

Vera Fromager of Maclean celebrated her 101st birthday on Wednesday December 11, by having a live-to-air chat with John Laws, on his morning show.

Vera, who is a resident of the Whiddon (Aged Care) Group – Maclean, told John Laws that she was very proud, to be talking to him.

“I’ve been a very fond follower of yours and been listening to you on radio now, for I wouldn’t know how many years,” Vera said.

“How wonderful it is to be able to talk to you on this very, very, special day,” Mr Laws said.

“You’re 101 years-old today – that’s pretty remarkable.

“You’ve seen a lot of changes in the world, Vera, “he said.

“I have indeed, John – some for good and some for bad; but the majority, good,” Vera replied.

Mr Laws wished Vera a Merry Christmas and told her that he would send her one of his Christmas puddings – for which Vera was very grateful and said that she would enjoy that very much and she would share it with her friends.

“Now you take care of yourself, because I want to talk to you next year as well,” Mr Laws said.

Break out box

Vera Fromager (nee Templeton) was born in 1918 in Brisbane, Queensland. 

Vera went to school until 15 years, then helped her mother in a food shop with her sister until she married an Australian, Bob Nelson, in late 1930’s.  They had one daughter who unfortunately passed away in her early teens so Vera has no grandchildren.

Vera’s second marriage was to a Dutchman and she moved to Sydney where she worked in the reservation ticketing office for the Dutch airline, KLM.

Her third marriage was a happy one to a Frenchman and that is where the surname Fromager came from. Vera has outlived her two sisters and three husbands but claims she is very happy with lovely friends and the wonderful staff who look after her.

During her younger years, Vera played basketball (now netball) and she has always been an avid reader with historical romance her favourite.

Vera’s fondest memories when growing up, was realising she had beautiful parents who were strict but fair.

When asked ‘What is the secret to a long, happy life, Vera said, “it is in the Genes; you also have to have a good outlook on life, eat basic food and have one can of beer a day.”

The biggest change that had a great impact on my life was when trams came to Brisbane. No more walking everywhere, especially when it was too hot or raining – I still love trams,” she said.

Today, Vera reads the local paper and loves listening to the radio where she keeps up with what is happening in the world.

She loves listening to John Laws, which she has done for over 20 years and said that she met his wife once, at a party. Vera also said that she is so lucky to not have any pain, and she loves being at Whiddon and having someone to do her cooking and house work.

“I hate housework and I used to have a cleaner, when we could afford it,” she said.