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Veg and fruit, free advice to boot

cvi   Josh McMahon Most people would agree that fruit and veg are good for you. But what about more complex questions such as what foods help you lose weight, or gain muscle, or address a particular health problem? Farmer Lous’ in South Grafton has gone one step further from just providing the best in fruit and veg, to now having a free on-site nutritionist to help customers best meet their particular dietary needs. University-qualified nutritionist Melissa Moss will now be at the Skinner Street store for four hours each week to answer Farmer Lous’ customers’ questions, and put on demonstrations on how to prepare and cook different fresh foods. The visits will be 10.30am to 2pm on Tuesdays until the end of the year, and on Thursdays in the New Year. Paul Felice of Farmer Lous’ spoke with much enthusiasm about the new initiative to help customers, saying it was inspired by his own health journey that began around three years ago. “For a long time I was at around 110 kilograms. I was born into fruit and veg, but I always wanted to eat junk food. All of a sudden one day it clicked – I decided I wanted to look after myself,” he said. Now, Mr Felice said he had never felt better, and he felt like his improved health has also improved his ability to think clearly and make sound business decisions. He said he wanted to share this with others. “It makes me really happy to see people get the right answers as far as nutrition goes. It really is so important that people look after themselves,” he said. Ms Moss grew up in the Clarence Valley, and upon leaving school ventured into the corporate world. In 2009 a life-changing experience led her to switch career, and she undertook her degree in health science, focussing on nutritional medicine. She has now established her own business as a nutritionist, called Natural Vitality Nutrition.