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Valley Watch – Wooleweyah Lagoon

Valley Watch is currently trying to build an historical picture of the Wooleweyah Lagoon. We would be interested to hear stories of the early settlement and its impact on the Lagoon as well as to see photos of the area.

A number of threatened wildlife habitats in the Lower Clarence have been brought to our attention and we are now monitoring these areas. It is essential for all of us to remember why we have been attracted to live in this area: the natural beauty of the Lower Clarence. If we remove all the nature, there goes a lot of the beauty.

Valley Watch was kept busy at the Sunday Market with many visitors engaging with us over their shared passion for the environment. The Cooeee Kids were busily selling handmade items and reminding us to steer away from plastic. The lucky winner of our orchid raffle was Lorraine Crane of Ashby.

We are looking forward to our two big Biodynamic Field Days this week. The Biodynamic Field Day for gardeners will be held this Friday May 3 at the magnificent Yamba Community Gardens in Park Avenue off Treelands Drive. The Biodynamic Field Day for Farmers will be held in the grounds of The Coldstream Gallery in Ulmarra on Saturday May 4. Alan Johnstone, head of Biodynamics Australia, and his team will be providing practical training for gardeners and farmers in the avoidance of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides while increasing the health and fertility of their gardens and farms.

Our Valley Watch shout out this month goes to Bridgestone Tyres for their recycling program of tyres. Tyres are recycled into such things as running tracks, building insulation and playgrounds.

Helen Granleese