Ulmarra Village town meeting


On Monday the 26th of March the Ulmarra community held a meeting at Cafe Clarence behind the Ulmarra Hotel. Members of the Clarence valley Council Economic Development Team along with David from Open Spaces attended the meeting. The meeting was held to outline a plan for the Ulmarra community for when the highway bypasses our village.

Tourism has always been important for our village, bringing in visitors and money to support the businesses in the area, this was obviously still an intended outcome when the bypass opens.

The community were asked by Elizabeth Fairweather from the Council’s Economic Development Team to write down other areas of importance which they believed the village, with councils support, need to focus on to remain viable and sustainable into the future. These ideas are to be collated by Liz and shown to the community at the next meeting where a plan to proceed will be formed.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held on Monday the 7th of May at Cafe Clarence, 2 Coldstream Street Ulmarra starting at 5:30 pm (behind the Ulmarra Hotel).

Apart from the village community, Clarence Valley Council Economic Development Team with other council staff I have also invited the Mayor, Jim Simmons, Councilors, State and Federal Member and representatives from RMS (Pacific Complete) to attend, as well as the local media outlets.

Steve Pickering,