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TWU Demands assurances for truckies as NSW-Vic border closes


The Transport Workers Union Victorian & Tasmanian Branch will be seeking that ongoing assurances by governments provided to the TWU will continue without changes to border movement following this morning’s border closure announcements.

Trucking is an essential service which is vital to ensure that goods continue to be made available to the public and other essential services in this time of crisis. This means, trucks must continue to move between borders without any issues.

Transport Workers Union VIC/TAS Branch Secretary will be seeking meetings with both the Victorian and New South Wales State Ministers for Transport to discuss the imminent border closure.

The Transport Workers Union, Victorian & Tasmanian Branch is seeking clarity on the following issues:

  • Clarity that trucks will still be allowed to cross state borders and that truck drivers will be exempt from self-isolation requirements
  • Clarity about any measures in place at border crossings to check trucks and truck drivers crossing, whether this includes temperature checks on drivers, etc
  • Assurances that truck drivers will be supplied at these border crossing with hand sanitisers, masks, gloves and information
  • Clarity on any measures in place for truck drivers when they enter another state to protect themselves and others
  • Assurances that truck stops will stay open so that drivers can still access rest areas for food and showers. 
  • Assurances that showers and rest areas at truck stops for truck drivers will be cleaned and disinfected adequately
  • Assistance in ensuring that clients pay owner drivers and transport operators on time.
  • Assurances that owner drivers who are in financial distress are given financial assistance