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The newest “Grey Wolf” awardees, Hayden and Caitlyn. Image: Contibuted

Two more Grey Wolf awardees

At the beginning of Term, I as Cub leader was proud to award two of the Cub Scouts the highest award in Cubs the ‘Grey Wolf’ award to Hayden and Caitlyn (pictured).

Both worked really hard on achieving this badge within a set time, especially Caitlyn as she decided to do hers in the three months before her 11th birthday. They had to complete a certain amount of badges in the level 2 range from four different categories, those being 1 – arts and literature, 1 – nature, science and technology, 1 – sports and recreation, 1 – our world. There are different badges under those categories. 

They also had to attend four outdoor activities including camps which they planned themselves; the camp included a hike/walk in an area unfamiliar to them. They also had to (with assistance) carry out a Risk assessment and organise permission notes. The hikes had to also be over a two to four hour period, also allowing for those with disabilities if they were attending. 

Hayden and Caitlyn also completed a Cub leadership course, and a special interest badge. Caitlyn chose ‘local history’ and Hayden had done a few including ‘water-wise’ and ‘their service our heritage’.

Both also had to create a resource for the Cubs (and or group) where they had an understanding of the Jungle Book. Both also had to complete their Gold Boomerangs.

The Cubs (as a group), decide if Caitlyn and Hayden had completed the tasks to the best of their understanding, which they all said yes to, and signed off on both Caitlyn and Hayden’s forms to go to the State Cub Commissioner Wendy Warner via our Region Cub Commissioner Fiona Hore.

I sure am a proud Cub Leader and the awards make our 6th and 7th awardees since we started in 2013. 

From Akela, Quokka, Rama and the Cub Pack to Caitlyn and Hayden 123 WOLF.

If anyone is interested in also becoming a leader or have a child attend please email Reece Luxton on [email protected]

Sue Day