Community News

Two Artists of the Month

A huge thank you to Niomi Sands from the Regional Gallery for her support throughout the year. The headspace Artist of the Month Exhibition was huge a highlight for all the 2018 artists. Anyone interested in seeing the display and did not make it into the Gallery see the art works on Grafton headspace facebook page.

2018 was a great year supporting young local artists.

The Artist of the Month program is open to anyone aged between 12-25. Each featured artist receives a $100 voucher from Bentleg to purchase their own art supplies, and they are also given the opportunity to participate in a school holiday mentoring program by a local artist.

Creating art is not only for professional artists. There are many benefits in picking up a paint brush or pencil. Some of these include; a safe place to express emotions, practicing healthy coping strategies, and engaging in a focused activity supporting the creation process. So what are you waiting for, give it a go, and if you feel like sharing your art work with others, become one of headspace’s Artist of the Month for 2019. Come in or call headspace – 59 Duke St, Grafton or phone 6642 1520. We look for to hearing from you.

To finish off last year, Grafton headspace’s last Artist of the Month was Natasha. Natasha’s beautiful works consisted of floral paintings, face sketches, rock painting and affirmations, and photography.
The Artist of the Month program is up and running again this year. Our first artist is Arleigha. Her art work is on display till March 10. Arleigha’s outstanding work is a combination of colourful paintings and black and white drawings, featuring animals, faces, and scenery.