Trucks and Orion Drive


I read with interest of the works in Orion Drive and the probability of in excess of 12000 truckloads of soil to be put on the new development (CVI 22/6/22). 

Firstly what impact is this going to have on the adjoining/nearby properties? Is it going to be another Carrs Drive? 

Secondly the road surface currently in Orion Drive is in poor shape and with all this heavy traffic movement who knows what it will end up like. Who is responsible for the repairs, is it Council or Palm Lake? 

Thirdly the school bus picks up and deposits young school children very close to the current entry to the site and needs to be thought about – the size of the trucks and the size of the very small children around the same area. It will be a very sharp turn for trucks turning into and exiting the site and they will need to go onto the wrong side of the road to make an exit turn from the site, with quite a number of elderly drivers in very close proximity to all of this work, this needs consideration also.

 Wendy Flitcroft, Yamba