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Owner of Maclean Toyworld Jehane Kaczorowski is always happy to help her customers find the perfect toys and Christmas presents. Image: Emma Pritchard

Tis the season to shop at MacleanToyworld

Emma Pritchard|

Dear Santa, if you run out of presents during your annual journey around the world, Jehane Kaczorowski of Maclean Toyworld has plenty of colourful, interactive and educational toys in store to help bring a smile to every boy and girl at Christmas.
As she gazes across the counter, she admits it’s difficult to pick which toys have been the most popular with customers, although Lego, jigsaw puzzles, outdoor sporting equipment including trampolines and scooters and Bluey, a characteristic Blue Heeler and rising ABC children’s star has also been highly sought after this year.
“I think a lot of people are after anything to do with Bluey because it’s an Australian cartoon and customers are very supportive of that,” Ms Kaczorowski said.
“Little Live Pets have also been popular for young children, so have Tech Deck products and Transformers are one of the classic popular toys which people love.
“Star Wars is also huge at the moment, but again, it’s another of the classics which people are always looking for.”
While a lot of customers come in search of the perfect Christmas present, Ms Kaczorowski said choosing the ideal toy for a child can sometimes be tricky.
“We always ask the customer if they’re shopping for a boy or a girl, the age of the child, what interests them and what they like to play with,” she said.
“It really is a process of elimination until the right toy is found and every child is different.
“We’re seeing a lot of parents, especially grandparents coming in and asking about popular toys and what they should buy their grandkids for Christmas.
“I always like recommending toys which help children learn and educational toys are a wonderful stepping stone and they’re a great choice.
“As long as the customer walks out of the shop with a toy they’re happy with and a smile on their face, we’re happy too.”
Maclean Toyworld is open between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm on Saturdays.
Ms Kaczorowski said the store will remain open until 7pm on Christmas Eve.
Ms Kaczorowski also wished to thank the local community for their amazing and continuous support since she and her husband Grant took over the popular local toy store in March.