Three against four can be a winning combination

A group of 55 players took to the front nine on Sunday at Westlawn for a 4-person Ambrose event and with the great conditions there were some good scores handed in.

The best score of the day was 26 5/8 nett by P Fysh, L Beresford, E Fahey and L Bloomer, the next best was a 3-man team of M Newman, J Blanch and T Ord with 29 2/8 net closely followed by L Gardiner, W Gibbs, D Alderman and J Leonard with 29 3/8 on a c/b from J Armstrong, D Anderson, R Jenkin and S Bickerton who receive a pro ball for their effort along with D Clark, G Jackson, J Ellis and W Hambly with 29 6/8. It is unusual to see a 3-person team in the money against the 4-person teams, so the team of Newman, Blanch and Ord must have played very consistent golf.

A big thankyou to Dave Lynch and John Blanch for cooking the BBQ after the game, I hope the snags were not too burnt.

Next week I think we will hit the back nine for an individual event, but I could be wrong, keep an eye out for Jason’s ‘tee time text’.

Dave Lynch