Think for yourselves


I would like to write to the children of Australia, more particularly 15-year-olds, and more particularly those in the Page electorate. I have huge confidence in young people.

You have been taught to think for yourselves which is great. It may surprise you to know older generations weren’t, and so many find it hard to spot lies and inaccuracies. Maybe your Gran or Pop said they were voting for the Lib/Nats because they were the best money managers. They didn’t analyse the silliness of that statement in the wake of millions spent in incarcerating boat people, treating them as criminals instead of refugees. Legally criminals and refugees are poles apart. Everyone in Australia, apart from Indigenous people, are boat or plane people (or their ancestors were).

They also spent millions on cancelling a submarine deal with the French and ordering nuclear subs which of course haven’t arrived and probably never will.

What happened to the millions raised for the victims of fire and flood, and Robodebt (look it up) and referendums which went nowhere and …. You get the picture. They did manage to save a lot of money though by cutting down on social housing and refusing to take responsibility for…too many services to enumerate here. So…good at managing money? Certainly not for the good of the people.

Not good at English either. John Howard (you won’t remember him) said he wouldn’t say sorry to our Indigenous people because he wasn’t responsible for their treatment. Sorry doesn’t only denote responsibility. If you say “Sorry to hear your Dad passed away” does it mean you killed him? But did older generations challenge that statement? Not many.

The other thing is the difference between voting for an Independent and a member of a Party. When you vote for an Independent, THEY THEMSELVES have their own policies they believe in, and ask you to vote for, (research is necessary here). But if you vote for a party member, they represent the Party’s policies. It is silly to vote for someone because they are pleasant to your Aunty, or they did a good thing for your area if their Party’s policies are very bad for the area.

Unemployment is at a record low….well of COURSE it is, because even if you have only a few hours employment a week you are NOT considered unemployed. Will it pay for food, rent or the mortgage? Ask yourselves…you are the ones who can think for yourselves. And please talk to your Gran and Gramps…they NEED you.

Jocelyn Wrench, Iluka