There are no “free booters” at Brushgrove

Ed, I was dismayed to read the letter “Free-booting caravanners” by Kay Spurr of Brushgrove (CVI 2/11/16). I live in Brushgrove and am very proud of our little village and it’s amenities. I often walk or ride early in the morning past the Brushgrove ‘Triangle’ public park and also the oval. I often see, so called “free-booting” caravanners using our lovely park or oval and have noted that the majority do not leave any rubbish and are thankful to be able to stop overnight in a quiet setting. I have never seen it “filled to capacity”. I have talked to many as I go past and am amazed at the places they have come from and most have said that they enjoyed a drink/and or meal at our unique pub. I have spoken to Alan, the Council appointed caretaker, who is paid a minimal fee to clean the ‘Triangle’ and oval amenities and he does a wonderful job as do the CV Council who mow fortnightly. It is great to see not only the locals but others enjoying what Brushgrove has to offer and promote our region. There will always be a few incidences when someone will leave a bit of rubbish, pinch toilet rolls and leave the BBQ dirty but it is certainly rare, (according to the caretaker). There is more rubbish discarded by locals at “MacDonalds” corner, just in from the highway turn-off into our town. I have seen “local” dogs pooping in the park and streets and local cats digging in the bark chips at the children’s playground. Maybe they need “free-booting”! Readers – Please do not think Brushgrove is insular, (narrow minded or prejudiced) and not a welcoming town and hope we all like to share our wonderful piece of paradise. Glad Smith, Brushgrove