The power of the press

Just a quick note of thanks for the Clarence Valley Independent’s support of our Book Sale on the 20th August. This sale was one of the most successful in the three year history of our Clubs book sales.
Takings were $2,100, a very pleasing result. These funds will be allocated to local charity projects of the Club. The first of these will be to support the good works of our Grafton Branch Library in promoting literacy, knowledge and the enhancement of self through all forms of reading.
Again, thank you for your significant role in promoting the success of our endeavour.
By the way, thank you for suggesting a second article – published in the 17th August edition of the Independent under the heading “Richards Dilemma”. I received quite a few comments/digs about the article and photo from friends. However there was one reaction I had not expected. This reaction reminded me of the power for good that the press can have. At the Book Sale a woman came up to me and asked if I was Richard Nichols. It turns out that she was in Grafton for a week looking after her sick mother. Her mother was amused by the article and looking closely at the photo noted that I was holding an original sales brochure for an early Ford Falcon. The lady I was speaking to, her daughter, is a member of the Early Ford Falcon Club of NSW and she wondered if I had the brochure with me. I didn’t but went home that night and found it and other early articles about Falcons. I rang her and said I’d drop them into her mothers. I didn’t want any money for them but she insisted that I take a donation for them for our Rotary Book Sale.
Just a little anecdote about how the press can bring awareness, amusement and comfort to its readers.
Sorry about my rambling but once again thank you for the support your paper has given to the success of our book sale.
Richard Nichols, Rotary Club of Grafton Midday