The old and the beautiful – Yamba’s brotherhood is staunch

Luckily for their opposition, Yamba’s men’s 3rds Division squad never parks the bus.

Because with 23 registered players, that would be one big monster truck to try and circumvent.

The Breakers are the 2021 premiers, and they did it in style, finishing five points clear, with their sole loss being to Westlawn who finished second.

Senior player Dan Griffin said it was “fantastic” to be named premiers, and the club was “very chuffed across the board” at the performance of all of their sides.

“We’ve got two or three really good players and we also have one of the oldest players in the competition in Anton Sluyters – and he can go for 90 minutes if needed,” Dan said.

Anton is a legend for all that he does for the club.

“An active player who is retired – it’s what every club wants,” Dan said.

Having so many players to call upon has held the 3rds in good stead through the season.

“Having that many should be a negative because you never know what the team will look like from one game to the next – but everyone has been prepared to move around (in position),” Dan said.

Plus when the surf’s up: “All the young fellas are gone.”

Dan said Yamba had a trophy in the cabinet for every year since 2013 – and the Breakers ambition is for that to continue to complete a “golden decade”.

In their way though in the 3rds will no doubt be Westlawn.

“They’re a big young team all aged in their 20s, whereas we have everything from 15 years of age to 64. But, that’s 3rds!” Dan said.