The Grafton region is a beautiful place


The city of Grafton/South Grafton is an undiscovered jewel in the North Coast.

I have heard travellers say that they were unaware that there was a city beyond their view of the highway as they passed through. 

Our entry point does not showcase the treasures that lie beyond.

We don’t have much curb and guttering, nor footpaths, but what we do have is people who take pride in the place they call home.

Well done all of you who take care of your homes, gardens and town.

We also have a band of volunteers that clean up in their own time. Thank you to you all.

So, why am I confused?

Every day a fresh crop of cigarette butts, take away packaging, alcohol and assorted bottles (some of which have been smashed on the roads); cans and assorted crud are dropped around our town! I’m baffled! What kind of thinking allows people to justify this filthy, selfish behaviour?

Who are these grots? Just saying!

Janette Nethercott, Grafton