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The mysterious rock; what could it be…perhaps a meteorite? Image: contributed

The day a meteorite landed at Gulmarrad Public School

The mystery still remains as to what landed in the Gulmarrad Public School playground this month, but there have been plenty of theories. 

As the students and visitors arrived on Friday week to enjoy the open classroom morning celebration for Education Week they were greeted with a very unusual scene. Part of the playground had been safely roped off with bright yellow danger tape, indicating there was something amiss. Everyone gathered around the mysterious rock, discussing what they could see and smell. Some students thought it was a meteorite, some believed it was a hoax, someone thought it had been dropped by a plane and others thought it had been left by aliens. 

When classes started at 9am parents were invited in to continue to develop theories and work with their children when writing about this rather unusual start to the day. It was a perfect opportunity for everyone to put their creative writing skills to good use. Students spent the morning producing some amazing stories, poetry and persuasive writing texts. Kindergarten even wrote letters to Lenny, the alien they believed was using the rock as his home. It culminated with students being able to engage with the theme of Education Week – ‘Every Student Every Voice’, by presenting their pieces at an assembly held after recess. 

Thank you to all the students, parents, caregivers and grandparents who came along to the Education Week celebration and joined in to help solve the mystery. We may never know how the rock came to be in the playground that day but we recommend keeping an eye out in the night sky in the future.