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Technologist Mathew Dickerson speaks with James Eddy to give a weekly summary of the latest technology developments from around the world. Send questions to [email protected]

The latest episode from Mathew and James has just been launched. Listen to it to find out more about 5G for Christmas – Great Geek Gadget Gift Guide for Christmas.

More topics covered in this episode:
Top 20 Gadgets to give to the Geek in your life!
Coffee mug for lazy stirrers.
Beer counting bottle opener.
Invisibility cloak.
Wireless charging photos frame.
Smart ball for automated fetch.
Toothbrush steriliser.
LED light ring for better selfies.
Novelty sound effects machine.
Smart sock.
Distract annoying dogs.
Emergency affirmation button.
Wearable fan.
Reusable cup with tap to pay.
Levitating speaker.
Turtles in Time.
Thermodynamic hand boiler.
Project the world.
Connect to your iPad.
Personal alarm.
The Useless Box. The name says it all!

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Topics covered over the previous two months include:
Cycling over the water, electronic brakes and technology in coffee.
5D data storage, Squid Game casting for extras and say hello to the hoverbike!
Solar-powered headphones, tablets to clean water and breeding virtual racehorses.
Smart doorbell legalities, virtual cattle fences and iPod memories.
Internet censorship, opting-out of scam texts and unbreakable phone screens.
Squid Game breaking the Internet, DC beating AC and cropping going vertical.
China banning cryptocurrencies, Kiwi tricksters and the end of Facebook community pages.
LASER powered Internet, forgotten passwords and guns that shoot around corners.