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Tech Talk this week discusses China banning cryptocurrencies, Kiwi tricksters and the end of Facebook community pages

Tech Talk with Mathew Dickerson
Technologist Mathew Dickerson speaks with James Eddy to give a weekly summary of the latest technology developments from around the world. Send questions to [email protected]

Tech Talk is the number one ranked Australian produced technology podcast. The latest episode from Mathew and James has just been launched. Listen to it to find out more about China banning cryptocurrencies, Kiwi tricksters and the end of Facebook community pages.

More topics covered in this episode:
Europe gangs up on Apple.
How to lose money with cryptocurrencies – especially in China.
New Zealand Councillors tricking the world.
Public backlash for Police trying to find missing people.
The first step towards mood rings with Bluetooth.
The real-world equivalent of a Babel Fish for language translation.
Japan making CRISPR tomatoes.
US Army 3D printing buildings and bridges.
Facebook community pages under threat from the High Court.

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