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Surfing the Clarence Coast

The Clarence Coast, extending from Iluka in the north to Wooli in the south, boasts many fine surfing breaks. Iluka’s main beach throws up some bone crunching wedges next to the Clarence River break wall, while quality beach breaks can be found scattered along the beach. To the north of Iluka a variety of breaks can be found around the bluffs and bays between Iluka Bluff and Woody Head. The coastline from Yamba to Angourie is one of the east coast’s most consistent wave havens: from the left hand wedges at Turners Beach up against the southern training wall of the Clarence River, to the northerly-sheltered breaks at Pippi Beach to the famous Angourie Point, when the conditions are right there are waves to suit surfers of all abilities. Heading south from Angourie into Yuraygir National Park, intrepid surfers can walk in, stay at the Shelley Headland camping area, and find a wave to themselves in the bay or behind the headland. A few kilometres down the beach there are often waves at Plumbago, which can also be reached from the Red Cliff camping area north of Brooms Head. The Red Cliff strip of coastline also offers a variety of rocky beach breaks. The Brooms Head to Sandon River coastline can throw up a beach break or two when the conditions are right, while the backside of Sandon, which requires a paddle across the river and a walk across the headland, hosts a number of secluded breaks around the shoals on its southern side. Good waves can be found at most of the beaches around Minnie Water and Wilson’s Headland (the break on the southern side is sheltered from the northeaster), while a right-hander sometimes peels off the northern entrance of the Wooli River.