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Summer swim comp commences at Grafton

They came, they swam, they conquered. Yes, the first swim for summer was held last week, and despite the extremely hot days, the water temperature was still what would be described as far from embracing. It was wonderful to see Debbie Smith back amongst the crew, even if it was only to time keep, and someone else we hadn’t seen for a while, John Wainwright, took the plunge and performed as though he’d never been absent.
Prior to the swim commencing the monthly point score winner for September was announced. David Moon on 74 points was the winner of the T & S Classic Trophy and he also won the overall point score for winter, just two points ahead of Tyler Durrington.
The Stephen Donnelly Explosive Cup was the most contested race of the night, and we saw Ian Goodman, John Wainwright, Bruce Durrington and Andrew Madden limbering up at the blocks. In what looked like an effortless swim, Andrew took the win comfortably from Durro and Ian.
In the 30m B B & B, three swimmers from the previous race were once again back on the blocks. They were John Wainwright, Bruce Durrington and Andrew Madden. Coming in fresh was Tyler Durrington, and with youth also on his side, he started favourite. Andrew, performing as he had previously, pulled away from the field and crossed the finish line a good half body ahead of his nearest opponent. However, a check on times had him busting by half a second. The next three swimmers to finish were well over their times, and a check with time keepers came up with Tyler as the winner, Bruce second and John third.
The 50m final was almost a carbon copy of the 30m B B & B. Tyler and Bruce Durrington, John Wainwright and Richard Sear were the contenders. The tables were turned in this event with Bruce, the only one to swim within his time, taking the win. Coming home in second place, with a slightly slow time, was Tyler, and Searsy, .10 away, claimed third place.
Congratulations to both John Wainwright and Bruce Durrington for making all three finals, in what could be described as a night where conditions were not perfect.
Toni Ensbey