Sue Petty and Heather Purtill are Grafton Foursomes Champions

On Wednesday September 22 the women golfers played their 27-hole Foursomes Championships with 66 starters contesting the event. 

The overall nett winners of the day were once again sponsored by long standing members, Jan Hamilton and Mary Katte. 

Jane Wolfe and Shirley Goodger took out the prize with a fine 101 nett. 

Club Foursomes Champions for 2021 were Sue Petty and Heather Purtill with 128 of the stick, followed by Kaye Murdoch and Jen Townsend with 134. 

Div 2 winners were Janet Pilgrim and Val Franey on 157 on a c/b from Cheryl Creighton and Robyn Wilkes. 

Nett winners in Div 1 went to Jane Wolfe and Shirley 101 nett with runners up Heather Purtill and Sue Petty 109.25. 

Div 2 went to Gai Leeson and Margaret Hall on 108.5 from runners up Janet Pilgrim and Val Franey 111.25. 

NTP’s: 1st Jan Patterson and Heather Robinson, 6th Cheryl Creighton and Robyn Wilkes, 10th Glenda Chad and Sonya Baker, 17th Brenda Cooper and Di Alderman.  Last approach shot on 4th Soo McPherson and Dale Bax.

The day was very long and played in very warm conditions, which contributed to the ball ending in many precarious positions and needing to be addressed, but there is always a way out and it helps when you have a great partner.

On Saturday the weekend Foursomes Championship was played, and the winner are Kaye Murdoch and Heather Purtill with gross 83. 

It is to be noted that Heather Purtill is playing very well since returning from an extended holiday and combined well with another player, Kaye, who is having a purple patch at the moment and now off single figures. Runners-up were Grafton’s junior sisters Maddie and Annelies McKee with 85 off the stick.  I believe this is the first time the sisters have joined forces to compete in a Championships together, but I’m sure now it will be happening again. 

Nett winners were Elaine Shand and Janeen Roberts with 69 nett.  Congratulation must go to all of our winners.

Final rounds of Handicap Match Play Championships were played on Monday in Div 1, 2 and 3. Winners will be posted in next week’s golfing news.


Shirley Goodger