Such beautiful women

  Ed, Last week I had the privilege and honour to meet and photograph five delightful elderly women at Dougherty Villa, Grafton; Winifred 105, Elsie 102 and Muriel, Hilda and Doreen who are all in their 100th year. Being in their presence was quite humbling; as I could not begin to imagine the many stories and life experiences these five ladies could share from their combined 500 years plus, of life. As I talked to these ladies, they described how grateful they were and how they all got on so well together. I reflected on life outside those walls; a world that’s seems to have gone crazy. Being in the presence of these delightful women made me wonder if maybe one of the secrets to their longevity, could be attributed to their happy and grateful demeanour. There are a lot of us who could benefit with a good dose of humility and gratefulness and instead of whinging and complaining, swap the bitchy – for blessed. Our community is blessed to have such beautiful women as role models. Lynne Mowbray, Maclean