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Students at Grafton Cattle Show

A group of 20 students travelled to Grafton to participate in the Annual Grafton Cattle Show on Saturday. It was a very wet day for competitors, spectators, and the cattle.

The Maclean High School show team competed in Junior Parading and showed four stud heifers in their class and a steer in the Prime Steer section.

In the Junior Parading, Georgie Lee was crowned overall Parading Champion. We received a 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th in the final of the parading with ex-student Jackson Moss, students Grace Carr, Nathan Bell, Laura Goldie and Brodie Lee Baker featuring in the Parading final.

In the Cattle section, our MHS stud Braford Heifer Mystique placed first in class and her counterpart Stud Heifer Maria May placed 4th in hers.

Students show their cattle. Image: Contributed

The students also broke in and prepared two heifers for local stud Great Marlow Speckle Park. They showed these very well in the BOS Taurus classes placing 4th and 5th respectively.

Our Angus Steer CP Shadow donated by Clarence Peak and the Lee Family placed 4th in a strong field of Prime Steers.

The students have been working extremely hard to get to their first show in some time with many early morning sessions to prepare these animals for show. With the recent flood severely affecting the Cattle Show program it was a real achievement for the team to take a 5-strong team to the Grafton event. A huge thank you to Matt Black from M and M Cattle fittings who took students under their wing for the event teaching them many useful skills, Great Marlow Speckle Park Stud, and parents and sponsors who have enabled the team to be so successful in recent times. Too many to mention.

The Team is now preparing to take a seven cattle team to Casino Beef week in just under three weeks. Students will participate in Cattle Parading, Junior Beef Judging, DPI Cattle Industry days, Casino meatworks, and Carcass Tour and Stud Show over a 4-day period.

Well done team. 

Mr Kirkland