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Straying dogs…. Its paw form

Did you know that if your dog is out straying you can be fined $330? And if it happens to rush at, attack, bite, harass or chase a person or another animal, you can be fined $1320. 

Tim Brenton, Clarence Valley Council Regulatory Services Supervisor has issued a timely reminder to dog owners to check fences to ensure that their dogs remain safely at home. “Dog owners need to take all reasonable steps to ensure their dog is confined to the property where it is kept,” he said. 

Council Rangers have been kept busy dealing with over 240 jobs involving stray animals so far this year and 120 dogs have been impounded during this time.

“People are out doing the right thing by walking their dogs, the last thing they need is to come across a straying dog.  It also puts the dog itself under great risk of being run over, hurt or becoming lost,” He added.

Dogs must be on a leash if they are outside of their property, unless they are in an off-leash area. However, it is also a timely reminder that even in off-leash areas, owners must maintain full responsibility and control over their dog. If the dog is unruly it should always be kept on a lead in public – even in off-leash areas.

People who are concerned about straying or unruly dogs should contact the Council rangers.