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STOPPING TIME: step back in time at the Grafton Regional Gallery

One man’s obsession with printed images and his determination to share their valuable place in history has led to an exhibition that has had impressed and delighted regional gallery audiences in NSW and QLD.

STOPPING TIME: Material Prints 3000 BCE to Now opens at the Grafton Regional Gallery on Saturday October 23. The exhibition include works from the Griffith University Art Museum Collection which contains some of the best prints made in the past four decades in Australia and the Newcastle Art Gallery print collection which is unmatched in its depth and range by any regional gallery in our country according to exhibition curator Professor Ross Woodrow.

Francisco Jose de Goya, They have flown (Volaverunt) Plate 61 from ‘Los Caprichos; 1797-1799. Etching aquatint, drypoint on heavy laid paper (private collection)

Woodrow is captivated with printed images and believes that they hold a valuable place in history, unlike digital images that are disposable. The exhibition will take you on a journey through time, uncovering the stories of how each print captures an important moment in history. STOPPING TIME also includes works of art from several private collections and recent works of art by contemporary artists including Ali Bezer, Blair Coffey, Ryan Presley and Pamela See.

Highlights from the exhibition include cylinder seals that were found in and around the region of Mesopotamia and the ancient Near East which included Assyria and Babylonia and the cities of Nineveh, Nimrud and Babylon and show the stylistic development of designs across 3,000 years. The exhibition extends well beyond the usual point of origin for printmaking in the fifteenth century when Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468) invented the movable type printing press, to the perceived decline of printed imagery with the development of digital photography at the end of the twentieth century.

Audience feedback from STOPPING TIME:

“Congratulations on a superb exhibition Stopping Time – the equal to any state, national, international Gallery”

 “Absolutely fabulous exhibition! This is as good as anything you would see in Paris! Well done!”

 “Second viewing…and it’s even better, thankyou”

To appreciate how special this exhibition is, view in person at the Grafton Regional Gallery between October 23 and December 5. A special closing celebration will be held on Saturday December 4 and an interview with Griffith University Professor and exhibition curator Ross Woodrow will be published on the Gallery social media and website after the exhibition opens. Subscribe to the Grafton Regional Gallery e-newsletter for more information . This exhibition is being presented in partnership with Griffith University and Newcastle Art Gallery. Visit the Stopping Time website: