Stay away mega port

My heart follows the water as it searches for new places to lie. This search is like a travellers search, a search full of excitement and hope, a never ending search, a search that shows you change and how to deal with this, it is a happy search, and it is the tide rising on the Clarence.
The water has finished her search, for today. This is a time to look and be amazed at where you are and what you have seen. It is a time to be at peace with yourself.
Nature is on the move again, change is coming, a time to stop and look, take care friend and be aware. Work with her, show her respect and you will feel her strength, her unrelenting power. Think before you act and all will be well. Do this and do this well and you will stand tall with a quiet confidence.
There is more to our river than making money, stay away mega port.
Steve Wesener,