Community News

Statement from Acting Clarence Valley Mayor, Jason Kingsley

Released Saturday March 16

“This is a dark day for New Zealand and Australia.

Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters in Christchurch. Grafton and Australia are mourning deeply with you, in particular with the families of the victims.

The tragedy that has transpired isn’t a reflection of Grafton or Australia, nor is it a reflection of New Zealand.

This type of tragedy is a result of extremism. Sadly the internet and the evolution of social media is enabling hatred to spread quickly and to gain a worldwide audience.

It is important that our reaction to this tragedy does not give these misguided extremists a larger platform. We must stand united when events like these occur.

We must not let these people divide us and we must not give them a larger voice. Let us instead hear the voices of the victims and their families.

Let’s not harbour hatred for people of other cultures or religions.”