Staff cuts in our local NPWS


Naturally living in Iluka I enjoy the beauty of the Clarence Valley.

However, I’m greatly disturbed at our State government’s decision to relocate NPWS regional office from Grafton to Coffs Harbour. This retrograde decision slashes a number of experienced staff from our region. This action suggests to me that our State government either does not understand or ignores the vital importance of our four essential needs of clean Air, unpolluted Water, uncontaminated Soil and Species Diversity-the web of live on which our very survival as a species depends.

Our children are 20% of our population, they do not have a vote and yet our children and grandchildren are 100 % of the future. The animals and plants on which we depend do not have a vote either.

The future is what we choose and those politicians we elect could choose to “have an economy based on healing the future rather than stealing the future.” from our trusting children. (‘Drawdown’ edited Paul Hawken 2017 drawdown.org).

Still little is being done to try to adequately address climate change which is resulting in the severe and on-going bushfire disasters as now in California. With our coming bushfire season the potential loss of “seven experienced crew leaders” will be a very significant loss in our fire fighting staff.

I am contacting both the Member for Clarence MP Chris Galuptis and NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton because the government’s offhand treatment of our Clarence Valley’s beautiful natural environment suggests to me our government has scant regard for the high quality of our Valley’s environment, an important reason why many voters have chosen to live in the Clarence Valley.

I hope our councillors have voiced their concerns with the State government and I urge all residents who want to preserve our natural environment to also contact their politicians.

I thank “The CV Independent” for giving this important issue front page coverage in the paper.

All the best in the future you choose for your children.

Harry Johnson, Iluka