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Spiritual Matters by Rev Chris Sparks

Love prevents Evil’s intent

Crime and corruption in human society is endemic. And it barely raises the proverbial eyebrow anymore when this is happening overseas. The mass-media will constantly highlight some of the worst examples such as Mafia activities, Chinese Triads, high-stakes piracy in international waters and the cruel antics of despotic tyrants ruling with fists of iron while amassing vast personal wealth at the expense of ordinary people.
But we’re often jolted from our collective naivety in Australia when reports surface of corruption in the halls of Governments and at the top of the tree in major, respected businesses. Then our awakened outrage that anti-social activity is actually happening on a grand scale right under our noses will often prompt the formation of Royal Commissions of enquiry.
In recent years, international terrorism in all its brutality has often rocked the globe and caused the foundations of civilised society to shake. But against all the odds, somehow, the world always manages to survive the impacts of the evil perpetrated upon it – and we move on, all the while knowing that the next crisis is just around the corner.
Enter the Covid virus – stage left! And while we’re pre-occupied with its devastating effects and frantically busy trying to mitigate its impact, a new form of terrorism has emerged and is fast gaining traction. This has taken the form of psychological terrorism.
No, I’m not talking here of those who claim that the Covid virus doesn’t exist – that everything connected with it is conspiratorial in nature and all about Big Brother taking over control of our minds. Because that’s just nonsense!

What I am referring to are the numerous unsolicited phone calls that I, and many others field every day, in which a recorded message, supposedly from an organisation called “The National Crime Authority” (or the Taxation Office) informs us that we’re about to be arrested for unspecified criminal activity – and instructs us to press ‘1’ on our phone – thus giving the caller access to our personal or financial information.
Now, I laugh off these absurd and evil attempts at psychological manipulation that inevitably aim to benefit the perpetrator. It’s unsophisticated terrorism – but on a grand scale aimed at the most vulnerable in society.  But I do get mad when I think about the devastating effect of these scams that some accept as genuine!
Amazing as it may seem, some people are taken in and delivered a knock-out blow by these evil-doers. Many have lost life savings as a result! And how many millions of dollars has flowed from Australia to Nigeria for instance as a consequence of this psychological terrorism?  
Evil has been evident in human society from the year dot. But that doesn’t mean we have to accept it and not fight back. God’s plan for the human race was that we live in peace and harmony with each other – respecting and nurturing one another in love. The evil that’s evident in so many spheres of society is a direct consequence of those who choose to ignore or turn away from the Creator’s will. The antidote is simple and clear: We need to fervently embrace God’s will and purpose. Like the Covid jab, there is nothing else that will protect us from the scourge of the evil that stems from rebellion against the Father’s will.