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South Grafton Women’s Bowls

ABOVE: 2017 SGWBC Pairs Championship: Runners-up S Austen and P Knox. Winners C Nixon and A Bunn.
Image: Contributed.

2017 SGWBC Club Championship Pairs, Tuesday June 6:
Rink 3 – A Bunn and C Nixon d P Knox and S Austen 21-9.
Social bowls:
Rink 2 – D Allison, B Ford and G Cupples d V Holroyd, M Williams and G Cupples 14-13.
Rink 4 – D Rankin, H Nickless and C Kane d J Pholi, P Harvey and M Andrew 17-7.
Rink 5 – B Essex, M Sales and H Nichols d M King, N Graham and D McLachlan 20-9.
Rink 6 – M Moran (swinging lead), D Fitzsimmons and P Lollback d M Moran (SL), M Mulligan and G Ryan 29-10.
Winning rink: 4 – Dot Rankin, Helen Nickless, Colleen Kane.
Lucky team: Betty Essex, Margaret Sales, Heather Nichols.
The resting toucher went to Marg Sales and the competition prizes to Diane Fitzsimmons and Shirley Austen.
2017 Club Championship Triples Rounds, Thursday June 8:
Rink 3 – B Essex, L Perrett and D McLachlan d N Graham, B Ford and J Kowal 17-15.
Rink 4 – S Mandelc, S Austen and C Kane d P Harvey, P Knox and G Cupples 23-15.
Social bowls:
Rink 2 – I Gough, A Milligan and A Bunn d E Casson, M Sales and G Ryan 24-18.
Rink 5 – D Fitzsimmons and C Nixon d D Allison and H Nichols 21-12.
Rink 6 – H Nickless, P Lollback and E McKew d D Rankin, I Heppell and M Andrew 23-14.
Winning rink: 3 – Betty Essex, Leanne Perrett, Denise McLachlan.
Lucky team: Dot Rankin, Iris Heppell, Margaret Andrew.
There were no resting touchers and the competition prizes went to Elwyn Casson and Margy Sales.
This coming week sees our annual versatility fives tournament played Tuesday 13th, so no social bowls that day ladies. Looking forward to once again welcoming women bowlers from all over the district. Good luck to all teams competing and thanks to our sponsors, Holiday Coast Meats and TLE. Very much appreciated. D McLachlan