South Grafton Women’s Bowls

June 16 Club Championships – Triples B. Ford, D. Fitzsimmons (sub) E. McKew 19 def H. Nickless, M. Williams, N. Graham 12; B. Essex, M. Ford, C. Nixon 18 def D. Allison, H. Nichols, J. Axon 11. C/O – P. Lollback. Umpire – J. Kowal. Social Bowls A. Milligan, S. Robinson, P. Lollback 17 def A. Milligan, M. King, J. Kowal 7; D. Rankin, P. Knox, D. McLachlan 18 def M. Gallagher, I. Gough, E. Whitford 11. Rest Toucher – P. Knox. Competition – D. Allison, S. Austen. Sponsor was South Grafton News and Gifts 38/40 Skinner St. South Grafton. Rink winners – A. Milligan, S. Robinson, P. Lollback. Runners u/p – D. Allison, H. Nichols, J. Axon. June 14 Versatility Fives Our Versatility Fives day is always a great success, with eighty players playing bowls on two Greens in teams of five players, competing in singles fours triples and pairs games. The competition is competitive but as always played in a happy and friendly atmosphere. There were three prizes up for the taking and this year: 1st prize went to Bev Murrary’s team from Grafton; 2nd prize to Jen Axon’s composite team and 3rd prize went to Isabel Neil’s team from Yamba. Congratulations ladies. The sponsors were Bendigo Bank, TLE Electrical, Holiday Coast Meats and SGWBC. We thank all our sponsors for their support. The raffle prizes donated by our ladies meant that twenty happy people went home with and extra smile on their face. The 100 Club prize winners were G. Ryan, L. Mackay, B. Ford, D. Robson, B. Murray. June 9 Club Championships – Triples B. Essex, M. Ford, C. Nixon 27 def M. Sales, P. Harvey, E. Whitford 11. C/O – N. Graham. Umpire – E. McKew. Social bowls B. Ford, J. Axon 16 def P. Knox, E. McKew 14; D. Rankin, I. Gough, A. Bunn 19 def D. Rankin, S. Robinson, D. McLachlan 13; A. Milligan, S. Austen, H. Nichols 23 def V. Holroyd, P. Lollback, N. Graham 10; J. Bultitude, M. Moran, I. Heppell 20 def M. Gallagher, R. Pendergast, D. Fitzsimmons 5. Competition – P. Lollback N. Graham. Sponsor was Bendigo Bank, 62 Skinner St. South Grafton. Rink winners – J. Bultitude, M. Moran, I. Heppell. Runners up – V. Holroyd, P. Lollback, N. Graham. June 7 Social bowls A. Milligan, H. Nickless, E. McKew 18 def A. Milligan, S. Robinson, E. Whitford 15; J. Mitchell, V. Neve, M. Williams 27 def D. Rankin, V. Holroyd, J. Kowal 9; M. Ford, L. Betts, J. Axon 13 def L. Graham, B. Essex, I. Heppell 7; P. Harvey, D. Fitzsimmons 18 def P. Knox, J. Cornell17. Resting toucher – B. Essex. Competition – J. Kowal, M. Williams. Sponsor was – Guardian Southside Pharmacy, 44 Bent St. South Grafton. Rink Winners – P. Knox, J Cornell. Janet Kowal