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Stage 2 were focusing on the importance of being kind last week. We can all be the ‘i’ in kind!

South Grafton PS shines

Congratulations on a fantastic term where South Grafton Public School and our community has shone during these very challenging times for our nation.

We would like to recognise the outstanding innovation and professionalism of our whole school staff throughout this period which truly has been exceptional. We would like to also thank our wonderful community for their support and congratulate our students on how they have managed these substantial changes in their schooling and lives in such a positive manner. We should all be very proud of our whole South Grafton Public School community.

Last Thursday we had NSW DEC Communication and Engagement team visited our school to take images (photos) of a range of initiatives and resources we have embedded in our school. Our school was nominated for this NSW DEC “Brand” shoot which will be used to unify a mass audience of 1.5 million parents, 800,000 students and teaching community around the best of Public Education in NSW. Well done SGPS on this fabulous nomination which is an excellent reflection of our high quality school.

Next term and the beginning of Term 4 we have organised in conjunction with Grafton PS and Westlawn PS a number of PSSA competition format games for our students to participate in and represent our school. Students who are chosen for these teams will be notified early next term when their games will take place. A reminder the PSSA Knockout competition has been cancelled so teams can not progress any further.

Congratulations to all our students who achieved their End of Term Reward last week and our students also  received their AAA certificate.

Students who achieved their AAA have displayed excellence in Attitude, Attendance and always tried their very best throughout this term.

At this stage we have not been given approval for parents to attend in large gatherings within our school setting.

So with this in mind we will have to delay the start date of our fabulous Preschool Playgroup Plus (PPP) program.

We will endeavour to start this program immediately once we receive confirmation that these activities are allowed within the NSW DEC guidelines and hope to start by mid Term 3. We may then extend PPP later into term 4.

We will notify our families via email, post it on our Facebook page and in our newsletter immediately once we have confirmation of the guidelines for next term and a starting date for this program.

Student banking will resume on Tuesday 21st July.

Congratulations to our Stage 2 Spelling Bee winners: 1st – Isabella and r/up – Violet.

Canteen for Week 1 Term 3 starting Tuesday  July 21


  • Tuesday Bronwen Brown, HELP NEEDED
  • Wednesday Suellen Davies, HELP NEEDED
  • Thursday Belinda Wormald, HELP NEEDED
  • Friday Norma Purnell, Suellen Davies



  • Tuesday Jasmin Wyse, HELP NEEDED
  • Wednesday Jodie Carter, Rebecca Milligan
  • Thursday Rebecca Milligan, Phoebe Campbell
  • Friday Jody Tapp, Rebecca Milligan