South Grafton Men’s Bowls

Wednesday 15th June, Men’s social bowls afternoon. Six rinks underway today in much cooler temperatures, though no rain thank goodness. All Triples matches, the results of the six games were as follows:
Rink (1). N Wilson, K Van Beek & L Preston d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 27-12; Rink (2). M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond d T Latter, J Davis & L Andrew 34-6; Rink (3). B Ashbrooke, J Scott & T Scott d S Weber, J Betts & B Kowal 21-13; Rink (4). K Cummins, D Andrews & M Revell d K Fitzsimmons P Gillespie & J Pye 27-14; Rink (5). W Powell, T Newsome & C Roger d T Townsend, N Allen & W Peterson 21-9; Rink (6). B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty d M Vanzino, M Ellis & M Myers 23-9. Winning Rink (1): N Wilson, K Van Beek, L Preston. Lucky team: B Ashbrooke, J Scott, T Scott. The resting toucher went to George Mallison and the jackpot was not won.
Friday 17th June, Men’s mixed barefoot bowls: Cool but very pleasant afternoon with just enough of a breeze to make the players think about their shots. Four matches were played out, two of Pairs and two of Triples.
Rink (1). N Graham & M Marr d J Flaherty & D McLachlan 30-8; Rink (2). L Perrett & L Bond d M Bettison & A Bunn 25-13; Rink (3). D Davis, W Peterson & B Hayes d B Kenny, K Davis & J Betts 18-15; Rink (4). B Essex, J Mitchell & L Andrew d S Scott, T Latter & J Mitchell 17-14.
Winning Rink (1): N Graham, M Marr. Chook ends: End 8 D McLachlan and End 14 L Perrett. The resting toucher went to Lee Bond and the Jackpot was won by: Rink (1). N Graham, M Marr, J Flaherty, D McLachlan.
D McLachlan