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South Grafton Men’s Bowls

Wednesday 4th April – men’s social bowls
Six rinks of bowlers enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon in moderate temps. All triples games, the results of these matches were as follows:
Rink (1). W Powell, T Newsome & M Vanzino d S Weber, S Bridle & B Constable 27-21; Rink (2). B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty d T Latter, L Andrew & D Andrews 15-14; Rink (3). M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond d L Perrett, J Ashendon & R Tucker 30-8; Rink (4). J Mitchell, B Ashbrooke & T Scott d K Fitzsimmons, B Kowal & J Pye 21-12; Rink (5). J Bessant, M Myers & M Ransome d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 16-12; Rink (6). W Peterson, B Wormald & K Wormald d N Wison, K VanBeek & L Preston 23-15.
Winning Rink: (3). M Andrews, G Taylor, L Bond. Lucky team: S Weber, S Bridle, B Constable.
M Vanzino scored the resting toucher and the jackpot was won by Rink (3). M Andrews, G Taylor, L Bond, L Perrett, J Ashendon, R Tucker.
Friday 6th May – men’s mixed barefoot bowls
On a lovely afternoon four rinks were in play, all triples matches, one with a swinging lead. The results of the four games were as follows:
Rink (1). T Latter, S Ford & D Fitzsimmons d B Kenny, M Bettison & L Andrew 38-6; Rink (2). A O’Brien, L Perrett & L Bond d H Nickless, K Fitzsimmons & A Bunn 26-18; Rink (3). D Davis, J Axon & D O’Brien d K Davis, J Flaherty & D McLachlan 19-11; Rink (4). S Scott (swinging lead), B Essex & K Evans d S Scott (SL), L Evans & P Desborough 17-16.
Winning Rink (1). T Latter, S Ford, D Fitzsimmons. Chook Ends: End 8 – S Ford; End 14.
The resting toucher went to Lynn Evans and the jackpot was not won.
No Sunday bowls due to Mothers Day. Hope all our mums had a top day and were well and truly spoiled. D McLachlan