Anna Bunn is the 2019 SGWBC Major Singles Champion. Image: Contributed

South Grafton championship matches

Tuesday June 11 – social bowls

There were 27 players involved in three more rounds of championship pairs and three social rinks; a lovely morning with little to no wind, the Green heavy and very little draw.
Pairs championships
Rink (2). S Mandelc & A Bunn d S Robinson & G Ryan 32-4; Rink (3). P Lollback & C Kane d C Nixon & H Nichols 17-13; Rink (4). M Sales & J Gebetsberger d B Essex & M Mulligan 28-11.
Social bowls
Rink (1) D Fitzsimmons & G Cupples d B Ford & J Kowal 21-11; Rink (5). J Myers (swinging lead), P Gray & E Whitford d J Myers (SL), P Knox & D McLachlan 19-10; Rink (6). D Rankin, M King & S Austen d P Harvey, D Allison & E McKew 24-8.
A general meeting was held after lunch and the women were advised that nomination forms for SGWBC positions were on the noticeboard; these to be closed by June 25.
Thursday June 13 – social bowls

Twenty one of our ladies enjoyed another extremely pleasant bowling day. You can say what you like about cold starts but no complaints about the rest of the morning. In playing conditions similar to Tuesday we watched a stunning semi final championship pairs match that went right down to the wire and then some. This game was played alongside three social matches, all of which had one eye on their own bowling and the other on the championship rink.
Championship Pairs semi final
Rink (5). S Mandelc & A Bunn d M Sales & J Gebetsberger 16-15.
Rink (2). J Pholi, S Austen & H Nichols d M Gallagher, C Nixon & G Cupples 16-11; Rink (3). B Ford (swinging lead), P Knox & J Kowal d B Ford (SL), R Hodge & C Kane 15-14; Rink (4). D Rankin, P Lollback & M Andrew d P Gray, E Whitford & E McKew 15-12.
Winning Rink: (5). Sue Mandelc, Anna Bunn. Lucky team: B Ford, P Knox, J Kowal. Competition winners: Joan Gebetsberger, Margaret Sales.
This coming week sees CRDWBA Pairs commence at Yamba WBC. Good luck to all competitors. Our own pairs final will be played after these games have concluded.
Thoughts are with our Bobby Robinson who became unwell on Tuesday and ended up in hospital. Hang in there Bobby and love from all of us.

D McLachlan