2016 SGMBC B Grade champion John Betts (l) with r/up Greg Taylor.

South Grafton B Grade Champion

2016 SGMBC B Grade champion John Betts (l) with r/up Greg Taylor.
2016 SGMBC B Grade champion John Betts (l) with r/up Greg Taylor.


Wednesday 27th April, Men’s Social bowls afternoon: Five rinks in use today, four hosting games of Triples and one of Pairs. The weather was pleasant enough and all matches were completed.
Results of all five games are as follows:
Rink (1). W Powell, T Newsome & G Kilduff d B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty 21-14
Rink (2). M Andrews, G Taylor & L Bond d J Mitchell, B Ashbrooke & T Scott 17-16.
Rink (3). B Kowal, J Pye & K Fitzsimmons d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 16-15.
Rink (4). L Andrew & J Betts d T Latter & M Vanzino 22-12.
Rink (5). E Cura, K Van Beek & L Preston d N Wilson. M Revell & D Andrews 31-19.
Winning Rink (5). E Cura, K Van Beek, L Preston.
Lucky Team: N Wilson, M Revell, D Andrews.
The Resting Toucher went to Laurie Preston and the Jackpot was not won.
Friday 29th April, Men’s mixed barefoot bowls day. Four rinks today under overcast skies, but still the same heavy humidity. All games were completed with the rain just beginning to fall as bowls were being packed away. Results of the four matches were as follows:
Rink (1). H Nickless, B Essex & L Andrew d L Betts, S Ford & D O’Brien 19-15.
Rink (2). R Pendergast, P Desborough & D Andrews d M Bettison, L Perrett & L Bond 29-17.
Rink (3). D Davis, J Axon & A Bunn d K Davis, K Fitzsimmons & J Pye 26-11.
Rink (4). B Kenny, J Flaherty & D Fitzsimmons d S Scott, A O’Brien & D McLachlan 25-11.
Winning Rink (3). D Davis, J Axon, A Bunn.
Chook Ends: End 8 L Betts. End 14 J Axon. The Resting toucher went to Lynn Betts and the Jackpot wasn’t won.
Sunday April 1st Sunday Social bowls: First of all Congratulations to John Betts, SGMBC 2016 B Grade Singles Champion and to Runner up G Taylor.
This match was played alongside the social bowlers and the detail was
Rink (3). J Betts d G Taylor 31-23.
Social bowls: Rink (1) H Nickless, S Weber & J Thorpe d C Roger, B Emmanuel & P Desborough 17-9.
Good to see Cliffie Roger back on the Green after his bout of ill health. There will be no social Sunday bowls next weekend due to the Mother’s Day celebrations.
D McLachlan