Solar farms are great “IF” in the right location


Your recent article, CVC “notes concerns” about solar farm proposal, highlights the importance of Council being aware of large projects introduced to our community that will impact on the environment and neighbouring residents.

Thankfully our councillors appear to share the same concerns as the 45 Lower Southgate community members who raised the petition.

I would like to draw your attention to a recent ABC News article – Solar and wind farm sites may be restricted for major regional centres in NSW  

Where State Government wants to introduce rules to ensure renewable power infrastructure would be built in the right locations. That such development should NOT be within 10kms of a commercial centre or 5kms of residences.

Hopefully CVC will be able to guide Infinergy accordingly in identifying a more suitable location IF such a location can be found within the Clarence Valley area. Certainly, it should not be located in proximity to our mighty Clarence River and the Everlasting Swamp National Park. 

Bernie Francis, Ilarwill