So, it is just a big scam?


After reading the letters to the Editor I suddenly realise I have been duped into believing the Covid pandemic is real.

All these TV and media footage of graves reaching into the distance and hospital scenes of patients wrapped up in miles of tubing as well as people dying in their hundred of thousands its all because they had underlying medical problems. Nothing to do with Covid 19.

As one writer put it so well “if we took sensible precautions, we could minimise these risks”. So, it is just a big scam by the pharma companies and governments to extract money from us?

I was silly enough to get the two jabs in the mistaken belief I would be protecting the lives of my family and friends.

If only I would have taken the expert advice I could have got from Letters to the Editor.

My only niggle and it’s only a small niggle – why don’t the letter writers put a list of their medical degrees after their signature, at least Don Scott did say he was a podiatrist.

Peter Bradbury, Yamba