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Sky high inspections keep network reliable



Essential Energy have taken to the sky to inspect powerlines and other electrical infrastructure across the Maclean and surrounding areas to capture a detailed picture of the condition of the electricity network.

Starting last week, Essential Energy will use a fixed wing aircraft to fly over the electricity network, taking high resolution digital images and GPS coordinates to record powerline conditions and report areas of concern.

Regional Manager North Coast, Brendon Neyland, said the inspection program was a vital part of Essential Energy’s asset maintenance and helped provide a snapshot of the condition of the electricity network.

“Essential Energy plans to use specialist imaging technology to inspect the pole top condition of 220,264 power poles across 31,018 kilometres this year, including areas with dense vegetation, rocky outcrops, cliffs and steep mountains where ground-based assessment can be difficult,” Brendon said.

“Aerial imagery helps identify if vegetation is encroaching on powerlines and when pole top hardware is damaged or ageing at an accelerated rate.

“Taking to the air also provides us with a fast and effective way to view network assets without the need to enter private properties and inconvenience customers.”

Once an issue with the network is identified, Essential Energy will contact the landholder and organise crews to attend the site and undertake any necessary repairs.

Owners of sensitive animals should contact Essential Energy on 13 23 91 to organise a call advising of the fly over so that alternative arrangements can be made prior to the aerial inspections.

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