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Maclean’s Scottish Shop volunteer Peter Leslie dresses up on St Patricks Day each year and due to having both Scottish and Irish running in his veins, he enjoys decorating the Scottish Shop in shamrocks to celebrate Ireland’s special day. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Shamrocks for the Scottish town

Lynne Mowbray |

Every year on St Patricks Day, Maclean local Peter Leslie dons the ‘green’ attire and decorates the Scottish Shop in which he volunteers, in the Irish emblem, of Shamrocks.

For the last 12 years Peter has loved dressing up to celebrate St Patricks Day.

When asked why he feels the need to redecorate the ‘Scottish’ Shop with Shamrocks each year, the answer became a little clearer.

“I do this because I have Irish nationality in my blood, but my inheritance and ancestors came from Scotland,” Peter said.

“I love to support the Scottish Shop, because it’s good for the town and both my wife and I love to support the town.

“This year my wife and I are celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary on St Patricks Day.

“We got married on St Patricks Day, so that I would never forget it,” he said laughing.