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Severe thunderstorms and rain for NSW and ACT

There’s a risk of severe thunderstorms impacting parts of NSW and the ACT. 
The main details are below:

  • A strong cold front is moving through NSW and the ACT
  • Severe thunderstorms are forecast for inland and coastal regions (including Canberra and Sydney) as the cold front moves through
  • The locations at risk of severe thunderstorms today include Bourke, Dubbo, Parkes, Wagga Wagga, Albury, Griffith and Canberra
  • The storms could include locally destructive winds gusting to 120km/h, large hailstones and heavy rainfall
  • The winds could be strong enough to bring down trees or powerlines
  • A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued and further warnings are likely as the storms move to the east
  • Sydney could potentially see a thunderstorm this evening or overnight  
  • It’s warm ahead of the change and temperatures are about 8-10 degrees above average for this time of year
  • Thunderstorms are likely to continue on Tue and could impact parts of north eastern NSW