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Prostate cancer awareness month

September is Prostate Awareness Month

September is the time for men (mid 20’s+) to take action and make an appointment with your GP and have a PSA test to ensure you have a healthy prostate. This test will give you a base line for future years to keep track of your prostate health. Don’t put this off!

Current statistics show 1 in 6 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer which has a huge impact on the person, family and friends. This cancer is the most common cancer in Australian men with approximately 17,000 expected to be diagnosed this year. Frightening!

Your risk of prostate cancer is increased if any relative in your family has/have been diagnosed and as you age, you are more likely to have prostate issues.

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer will face anxiety and prone to depression. Men need to know there is a lot of information and support available through the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, (1800 220099) and can also contact the Clarence Valley Prostate Cancer Partner’s Support Forum on 0451 750 974.  If you need some information or help, the PCPSF have contacts and resources that can answer your questions or support with your diagnosis.

Fundraising has been an issue since Covid has been on the scene, so if anyone would like to donate to the PCFA so more research and support can be given for our men, please phone the PCFA.

Our Clarence Valley Support group is very low key with having coffee meetings, phone contact or being able to direct people to the right information source.

Remember: you are not alone

 Glad Smith