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Security tight at new gaol

The new 1700-bed Clarence Correctional Centre features ‘state of the art’ security and surveillance, making it the most secure correctional facility in the country.

Visitors to the facility will have to undergo an arduous array of personal identification criteria including drivers’ licence, fingerprints, retinal scan, full body scan etc to gain entry.

Clarence Correctional Centre General Manager Glen Scholes said that they will be doing everything in their power to keep drugs out of the new facility.

“All visitors will be met by drug detection dogs,” Mr Scholes said.

“We have four Xray body scanners here in all areas of the facility, to keep drugs out of the gaol. There’s a zero approach to drugs, so we can eradicate drugs from the system.

“We have the best security systems in the country, if not the world.

“It’s not a normal gaol – everything we do here is about reducing re-offending and come out better people,” he said.


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