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School zone infrastructure program

Clarence Valley Council has announced details of its School Zone Infrastructure Program.

This program will deliver improvements to pedestrian facilities around schools across the Clarence Valley, such as raised pedestrian crossings, fencing, footpaths and improved signage.

This School Zone Infrastructure Program is jointly funded by the State and Federal Government Road Safety Program and the School Zone Infrastructure Sub Program.

The aim of the program is to provide pedestrian improvements around schools. This work is intended to support jobs and stimulate local economies.

The combined value of the work, which is expected to be completed in June of next year is $3.632 million.

Stage 1

Cowper PS

  • Construct two pedestrian facilities with kerb blisters.
  • Construct a footpath to connect the bridge, jetty, bus stop and school.

Value – $63,480

Harwood Island PS

  • Install two pedestrian facilities on Morpeth St with kerb blisters.
  • Link footpaths in the school precinct.
  • Install bus zone fencing along the kerb.

Value – $95,456

Iluka PS

  • Install three pedestrian facilities with a safe pedestrian connection.
  • Line marking to provide additional controls and improve driver behaviour. 

Value – $89,930

Lawrence PS

  • Formalize bus zones and parking around the school with signage and delineation.

Value – $101,545

Maclean HS

  • Install pedestrian facilities with zebra crossing.
  • Replace existing fence with pedestrian fencing. 

Value – $82,225

Westlawn PS

  • Install two pedestrian facilities.
  • Create safe pedestrian connectivity from the school to residential zones.

Value – $215,406

Yamba PS

  • Install two pedestrian facilities on Favourite Ave and Angourie Rd.
  • Install a footpath to provide safe pedestrian connectivity between the Primary School and the Community Preschool.

Value $95,220

Stage 2

Coutts Crossing PS

  • Install median fencing for the kiss and drop zone
  • Install a pedestrian refuge with kerb extensions for traffic calming
  • Provide a school bus bay 

Value $195,500

Maclean School Precinct – Maclean Public

  • Install a wombat crossing on Woodford St and a pedestrian refuge across Clarence St
  • Install kerb blisters and fencing for kiss & drop zone and bus zones.

Value $212,922

Maclean School Precinct – St Josephs

  • Install kerb blisters, linemarking, fencing and paths to formalise kiss & drop and bus zones
  • Install children’s crossing and pedestrian refuges in local area to allow safe passage to the school
  • Link the footpath and pedestrian facilities

Value $336,576

South Grafton Infants School

  • Upgrade school crossing on Armidale Rd
  • Install pedestrian refuge with kerb blisters to current standards.

Value $449,540

South Grafton PS

  • Install median pedestrian fencing to establish kiss and drop zone
  • Install kerb fencing to formalise bus zone
  • Install and upgrade three pedestrian refuges with pedestrian connectivity.

Value $344,080

South Grafton HS

  • Install/upgrade pedestrian refuges on Tyson St including pram ramps and footpath connections.

Value $55,545

Stage 3

Gillwinga PS

  • Upgrade children’s crossing on Bent St
  • Formalise bus zone and kiss & drop zone with median fencing

Value $174,570

Grafton Infants School

  • Construct Kiss and Drop zone with median and fencing
  • Upgrade children’s crossing on Oliver St and on Mary St
  • Install pedestrian fencing and pram ramps in existing bus zone

Value $449,540 

Grafton PS

  • Upgrade two children’s crossing to current specifications
  • Install median fencing and pedestrian fencing to bus and kiss & drop zones including the use of kerb blisters for separation

Value $302,575 

Grafton HS

  • Install one pedestrian refuge on Fry St
  • Install a wombat crossing on Mary St and shared path to connect
  • Install median fencing to formalise kiss & drop zone

Value $112,385

Palmers Island PS

  • Install wombat crossing for pedestrian movements to carpark
  • Replace existing fencing with pedestrian fencing
  • Formalise bus zone with fencing
  • Connect existing Yamba Rd footpath to school entry to complete the link from the township residential area

Value $445,625

St Joseph’s School South Grafton

  • Install pedestrian refuge with kerb extensions within school precinct
  • Upgrade children’s crossing to current standards
  • Formalise kiss & drop zone with median fencing

Value $161,478