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School gives hope to students

Pacific Valley Christian School Years K – 10 students, during the thanksgiving celebration of two new buildings, at the Townsend school last Thursday. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray

The Pacific Valley Christian School at Townsend, celebrated the official opening of two new buildings (their H Block building and Valley Hope School), on Thursday last week.

School principal David Johnston said that the special day of celebration was to recognise God’s continued provision.

“We are thankful for our H-Block building that has enabled the ongoing growth and development of our school,” Mr Johnston said.

“The commencement of Valley Hope has been an amazing experience and valuable addition to our community.

“Because of this, in 2018, Valley Hope will be offering additional spaces to cater for students with autistic learning needs.

“We love the privilege of being two schools caught up together as one learning community.

“As we do this, students are provided with the best possible options for making the most of their talents and abilities as they learn,” he said.

Parent of one of the new Hope School students, Jenny Thollar, said that three years ago her daughter Ella (now in year 8) had no confidence and wouldn’t even catch the school bus to or from school.

“It was terrible to see her like that,” said Ms Thollar.

“Prior to coming to Pacific Valley, three years ago, she was always on the outer, but now she feels included in everything.”

Ms Thollar said that for students with special-needs, the options were limited.

“We would have had to go to the city to get this type of supported education,” she said.

Ella, who has been a student in the mainstream classes for the last two years, transferred to the Valley Hope School, when it opened earlier this year.

“We were lucky enough that Ella was able to start in the first year of the Hope School,” said Ms Thollar.

“This has been the best school year of her life, she’s so confident now and she’s so loved here.

“I’ve never seen a school like this – the children are so happy.

“It’s just made our lives so much happier to see Ella accepted and supported in her school life,” she said.