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Scene springing into life soon

Emma Pritchard

A new season has arrived, and soon, our latest edition of Scene will too.

Featuring a stellar lineup of local businesses and wonderful attractions throughout the Clarence Valley, including The Peach Farm and the Lawrence Museum, our upcoming edition of Scene is also filled with plenty of healthy and nutritious recipes to inspire you to create heavenly dishes in the kitchen, some fabulous skincare regimes to give your skin some seasonal shine, top tips for spring cleaning to clear away your winter clutter, how to protect your skin from sun damage as the beautiful weather entices us to spend more and more time outdoors, and plenty of professional health advice as we take the time to recharge after a particularly stressful winter.

We’ll also explore the popularity of veggie patches and all of the delicious fruits and yummy morsels you can easily grow in your own backyard at this time of year.

Spring is one of the best times of the year to explore our beautiful region.

We will also be highlighting several of the best local attractions the Clarence Valley has to offer.

Make sure you grab a copy of the Scene as soon as you see it.