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Save water in your bathroom

There are many ways that we can reduce water in our every-day lives. Below are some simple tips to save water in the bathroom.

  • Brush your teeth with the tap off – did you know that leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth wastes up to 10 litres of water a minute.
  • Reduce water waste, choose the half flush – around 9% of all household water goes down the toilet. When you can choose the half flush, this will help to reduce water usage.
  • Save water and energy by reducing shower times to 4 minutes – almost a quarter of all household water is used in the shower. Cutting your shower time by just 2 minutes can result in a water saving of up to 30%.
  • Get creative in saving water – a running tap can use 10 litres of water a minute. You can try get creative at home to save and repurpose water. A great example is capturing a bucket of water for the garden every time you have a shower while waiting for the temperature to heat up.
  • Regularly check your toilet for leaks –  a constant trickle into the toilet bowl wastes around 9,000 litres a year.
  • Water your plants with greywater – having a grey water system installed can save drinking water by watering your garden with water from the bath, shower or washing machine.
  • Install a rainwater tank – a small water tank can be plumbed into your toilet and washing machine, saving over 20,000 litres of water a year.