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Session completed

Safety drills complete and ready to go

Clarence Coast Dragon Boat Club returned to the water after our Christmas break with enthusiasm.

The first session was to revisit the very important safety drills to ensure all paddlers are familiar with safety calls, medical issues and possible capsize.

Under the guidance of Safety Officers Ree and Chris, all paddlers had the opportunity to practice the use of ‘the stirrup’ to re-enter the boat after a capsize. The drill proved extremely effective as one voice took control and instructed all paddlers on the boat how to stabilise the boat. The sweep then reassured those in the water of how to use the stirrup to re-enter safely into the boat.

Back in the boat after a capsize

Following the mock capsize, paddlers hit the water for a 50m swim and 10mins tread water. Both safety drills and debrief not only gave paddlers confidence that they would be able to remain safe and calm in an emergency situation but also confidence for our sweeps who take control of the boat in an emergency.

Cleaning the boat

The final half hour was to complete the annual boat and trailer maintenance under the watchful eye of Brendan & Chez.

Lesley Sutton