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Rotary Club of Maclean book sale

If the goings on of politicians, sports people and the famous is of interest, the place to be is at the Maclean Rotary Giant Book Sale on Friday March 1 and Saturday March 2.

Most of the recent politicians “bare all’” after they leave politics, while the sportsmen and women speak of their efforts to achieve success in their particular sphere.

Books on all of these people, together with many historical stars, radio and television personalities and writers are among the thousands of books on offer.

Gardeners can learn about almost every type of local flower, shrub and vegetables from the hundreds of books on these subjects, while the handcraft, photographer and artist are also catered for.

There are also several dozen items of much sought after sheet music available for the early bird.

And do you want to learn or improve a foreign language, for there are many guides and CD’s help in the learning.

And every young boy and his dad love to play trains and there is a good selection of magazines on this subject

Buyers are asked to bring their own shopping bag, which can be filled for a cost of $8.

Children’s’ books are, as usual, free to children, although nanna’s are asked to make a donation.

Doors open at 9am each day up until 5pm on Friday and 12noon on Saturday.

Proceeds from the sales are shared with the Clarence Library Service and Rotary community projects.

Karen L Cooper