Riverview Street one way

Dear Ed,

I am very disappointed in the underhand way the changing of dual carriageway in Riverview Street Iluka to a one way street was carried out. 

The lack of consultation and transparency was amazing! Why weren’t the people who would be effected by this change notified before the proposal was even submitted?

Only some of the residents affected were told of the proposal before this went to council. Residents of Angourie Street where the traffic will now flow were not even notified. 

As over half of the 24 houses directly effected by this change are holiday or permanent rentals, even absentee owners, just over 2 weeks is insufficient (and possibly illegal) time to allow for comments.

We were only asked if we wished to “discuss this matter further or have any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact Alex Dalrymple, Manager Civil Services, Clarence Valley Council”.

I tried to do this on over five occasions, once I was even given a time my calls would be returned. This never happened! 

The haste that these changes took place – less than 2 months with signs already in place, leaves a bad smell!

As a rate payer here for over 46 years, I was under the misapprehension that Due Process of the law would prevail.


Chris Cavallo, Iluka